Guardian Genius rug

Product Code : RHGUA0000Y
  • £62.50

The Genius rug is a Zero gramme fill rug with dual use as a lightweight turnout rug for use in the warmer months, or it can also be used in the colder months to transform any normal rug into an electric fence rug when used as a top layer.


The genius rug uses clever fabrics in the chest that pick up the pulse from an electric fence and transfer it directly through to a soft inside strap where the horse feels the same effect from the fence as they would if not wearing a rug at all ensuring they always have complete respect for the electric fence, even with multiple rugs on! How does it transform any rug into an electric fence rug? The Genius rug has soft inside straps that allows any brand rug to be layered up underneath - this means it can be used over the top of any normal rug, and the soft strap is still always in direct contact with the horse ensuring the horse always feels 100% effect from the fence. The rug comes with neck cover attachments that will fit any neck cover from the genius or fence buster range.

Weight: 4 kg

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