TopSpec Fibre Plus Cubes

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TopSpec FibrePlus Cubes are an excellent highly digestible fibre source with added ingredients to allow a little muscle development and function. They are ideal for Good-Doers because they have a DE of only 9MJ/kg and when soaked they are a perfect hay replacer for elderly horses and ponies. #Non-Heating#.


"We find that 1.25kgs of FibrePlus Cubes will replace 2kg of meadow hay for most horses."
FibrePlus Cubes are designed to be added to a TopSpec feed balancer or supplement and therefore contain no added vitamins or trace-elements. That is why we call them a #blend#, because they are a blend of straight raw materials rather than a complete feed. One of the ways in which they are superior to most straights however, is that they have been supplemented with the major minerals calcium, sodium and magnesium.

Weight: 20 kg

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