Science Supplements Natural Vitamin E & Selenium

Product Code : RHSS0012
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Vitamin E is central to muscle and nerve function, heart health, immune function, lung health and skin health. Horses cannot make Vitamin E and must get it from their diet. It is therefore essential that sufficient Vitamin E is fed or supplemented. Many Vitamin E supplements use the much cheaper synthetic forms of Vitamin E. Natural E, as the name suggests provides a natural source of Vitamin E which has up to double the biological activity than synthetic forms of Vitamin E. Natural E also contains organic selenium which is essential for the optimal activity of Vitamin E. Vitamin E is higher in fresh forage than in preserved forages. Vitamin E levels in commercial dry horse feeds are naturally very low due to processing and so Vitamin E must be supplemented. As Vitamin E is a relatively expensive feed ingredient the levels added may be on the low side.


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