Ready Supp Moody Cow

Product Code : RSUPP00006
  • £35.00

If your mare struggles to concentrate or her behaviour is affected by herÿseasons, try this new ultimate calming and mood enhancing supplement and seeÿfantastic results.


ÿIt contains chasteberry, the number one herb toÿsupport natural female hormone release, and red clover which contains compounds that help moodiness.ÿAdded elements of chamomile help with calming, and vervainÿwhich helps reduce tension and stress while also supporting the nervousÿsystem. Magnesium is also included as it is commonly used for its ability toÿsupport the body#s nervous system overall.

Weight: 1.4 kg

Key ingredients:

# Magnesium

# Chasteberry

# Red clover and chamomile

# Vervain

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