Ready Supp Grumpy Girth

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Recommended for all performance horses under the stress and pressure of training.


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ÿThis superior supplementÿcontains a powerful blend of carefully selected herbs such as marshmallow, liquorice and slippery elm together with lecithin andÿpectin, which help support a healthy stomach lining and help to soothe and support a healthy gastric system. Natural ingredients help to #soak up# harmful excess acid and encourage natural healing of stomach cells. Added zinc is known to help promote a healthy stomach lining. This comprehensive gastricÿsupplementÿis formulated to help support more focused training, a happier attitude, and a more comfortable horse. "Endoscopic procedures reveal that nearly 90% of examined racehorses andÿ60% of performance horses have gastric challenges.ÿIn adult horses signs include poor appetite weight lossÿand poor body condition dull coat mental dullness or attitudeÿchanges lying down more than normal poor performance..."

Weight: 2.2 kg

Key ingredients:

# Slippery Elm powder

# Liquorice root powder

# Marshmallow root powder

# Magnesium hydroxide and calcium carbonate

# Apple pectin and soy lecithin

# Threonine and zinc

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