Pure Respiratory

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Pure Respiratory delivers a high dose of vitamins C and E to help the defences of your horse's respiratory system. It is suitable for horses that have previously lived out and are now being stabled, those that travel a lot and horses with a cough. It also contains MSM to help soothe the airways.


For horses with weakened respiratory systems due to age, environment, illness or competition. Helps to encourage a healthy respiratory system. Contains MSM to support the anti-inflammatory process. Source of a powerful anti-oxidant combination of vitamins C and E. Pure Respiratory is a supplement designed to support horses having trouble with their respiratory system. This can include horses that previously lived out and are now being stabled, horses which travel a lot, horses with a cough, and competing horses. Your horse#s respiratory system can come under attack from a number of directions, depleting its defences. Threats include allergens like dust, moulds and pollens infectious agents such as viruses, bacteria and mycoplasma not to mention cold, heat and pollutants. Key among these defences are vitamin C which lines the airways, and vitamin E which is present in the membranes of the cells. These are anti-oxidants and Pure Respiratory helps to restore their levels with high concentrations of bio-available vitamins C and E. Controlled scientific studies show that these reduce airway inflammation as well as clinical signs. In addition to this, Pure Respiratory contains MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) which has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties and soothe the airways. Pure Respiratory meets or exceeds the daily requirements for the trace elements selenium, copper, zinc and manganese. These are essential for the optimal function of anti-oxidant enzymes which form part of the lungs# immune defences. If your horse has a challenged respiratory system, try Pure Respiratory to get them breathing easy again.

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