Global Herbs Thoroughbred Calmer

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For fine boned horses - We have found that Thoroughbreds respond better in the long term to this more simple mix of herbs without the magnesium that is in SuperCalm.


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Thorougbred Calmer is a special blend that many owners have found to make all the difference to their horses whether used for a relaxed hack in the country or more competitive situations. Our formula SuperCalm may be ideal for most horses but try this product if you would like a specific approach for your own Thoroughbred.
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Remember when using this product to adjust feeding to ensure good behaviour is maintained. As with some of our other formulae, expect a little more energy for the first 2-3 days until the #chill out# nutrients get through.
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Weight: 5.025 kg

Amla Berry, Common Basil, Winter Cherry, Mango

Feed two 25ml scoops twice daily for an average sized horse or as advised by Global Herbs technical staff. - See more at:

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