Global Herbs Supercalm Liquid

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Super calming - SuperCalm maintains a relaxed and easy to manage horse, whilst providing the best nutrition for natural living, fitness and strong body defences.


It is possibly the most effective supplement in its class and works by utilising effective tropical herbal nutrition. It also contains sufficient magnesium and potassium to help maintain correct mineral balance and works quickly within 2-3 days.
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If, despite good advice on management and feeding, your horse remains difficult to manage - daily SuperCalm works to support a calm, relaxed attitude for safer handling.
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Weight: 25 kg

Amla Berry, Common Basil, Winter Cherry, Mango

Introduce gradually into the feed over 2-3 days and build up to an approximate rate of 2 x 25ml twice daily for an average sized horse. This rate can be maintained continuously or reduced if after a few months it is found that less is needed to maintain a relaxed attitude. If you need more than the recommended levels it is best to check with our advice line first. - See more at:

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