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The general approach - ShakeFree is traditionally used to support normal behaviour in horses that need assistance with head, nose and eye comfort.


Shakefree works to soothe, relax and support skin, sensitive membranes and nerves and is available in a summer or winter blend.
In summer flowering plants cause extra concern for such horses and specific herbs such as those in PolleneX (included in this summer formula) are great for extra support. In winter, use the winter formula to support the nerves and in summer use PolleneX or the Shakefree Summer formula which gives a more complete and effective approach. Adding Alphabute may also help to maintain comfort at very difficult times. If you require more help with this product please call our helpline on 01243 773363 to discuss
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#Summer form: Turkey Berry, Long Pepper, Malabar nut, Liquorice, Frankincense

#Winter form: Guduchi vine, Winter Cherry, Common basil, Frankinsence

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Feed two level 25ml scoops, twice daily for an average horse. At the peak season the level can be increased as advised by our veterinary advice line. If you know summer flowers are the main concern use PolleneX first. Add Alphabute at any time for backup.

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