Global Herbs Seaweed

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A good source of minerals - Feeding seaweed is a good way of providing trace minerals that are lacking in pasture forage and concentrates.


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Horses that are not in hard work only need supplementation at maintenance levels. - See more at:

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For maintenance, add to the feed at 60#70 g daily for a 500kg horse. This is equivalent to 3 level 25ml (blue) scoops daily. In work, increase to 5-6 scoops daily. Ponies at maintenance 2 scoops daily, in work 3-4 scoops daily. Mares in foal 3-4 scoops daily, lactating mares 4-5 scoops daily. Do not feed to mares in foal if supplementary feeding stuffs contain Iodine. Stallions at stud 4-7 scoops daily. Young stock : 0.05#0.1 % bodyweight daily. - See more at:

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