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A formula specifically designed to support the aging process and maintain suppleness, energy and general body condition.


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Supports the immune system and helps to maintain all the internal organs.
Most owners cannot believe the difference this formula makes. Don't be put off by the name, OldAge is not just for old geriatrics, it can be used on any horse. E.g. in convalescence or for rescue cases. Your nice healthy strapping lad or lady will not be embarassed if he or she sees a scoop of OldAge in the food on the odd occasion.
Note: If you already use Restore regularly you may not need Old Age formula quite so much.

Weight: 5.025 kg

Guduchi vine, Winter Cherry, Common Basil, Creat, Trailing Eclipta, Amla Berry

Feed two 25ml scoops twice daily to start with. After a month this can usually be reduced to lower levels for long term maintenance and top health for the rest of your horse#s life.

Remember not to miss out the minerals and vitamins though.
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