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Supports when the flush of spring grass comes Aids good management with winter frosty grass Maintains normal digestion Maintains normal liver function Aids good utilisation of feed in general Helps with haylage in the diet


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Traditionally laminae concerns are thought of as a nutritional issue. Nutrition is extremely important to the way the whole body works and this product helps by maintaining normal digestion and therefore normal laminae. Normal digestion helps maintain normal hormonal levels. Thus correct nutrition is vital to horses and ponies that may be prone to laminitis. LPS is a nutritional supplement which helps horse maintain normal comfortable sensitive laminae.
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It is highly effective and can be used in the short term or long term depending on the level of concern that pasture and other feed sources present.
Use of LPS is not a substitute for careful pasture management and horse owners should be particularly careful of lush spring grass or fertilised pasture. This formula can be effectively used with Rebuilder and Alphabute.
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Weight: 25 kg

Creat, Trailing Eclipta, Hurricane weed, Pigweed, Chebulic myrobalan, Methyl Sulphonyl Methane (MSM

Can be used throughout the year. Start feeding LPS at a high level of 25mls twice daily for an average size horse. Maintain at this level until horses are more comfortable. When the risk of rich grass is lower feed LPS at a level of 10-15 mls twice daily routinely. In less dangerous situations maintenance at 5 mls twice daily is sufficient. - See more at:

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