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BoxRest Gets you calmly through "Box Rest" A calmer including "recovery nutrition"


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A product designed to help you when you need to keep your horse relaxed when confined in a loose box. This situation may have arisen because of advice from your vet. Being confined without the chance of being in the open or mixing with other horses can be very stressful for any horse. In fact such a situation can sometimes slow the process of full recovery and necessitate an even longer period of isolation.
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Global Herbs BoxRest

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Amla berry, Common Basil, Winter Cherry, Mango, Zinc proteinate, Copper proteinate, Manganese proteinate.

Feed 4 scoops throughout the day for an average sized horse. The amount required may be reduced as less help is needed.
Box rest will start to work within 3-5 days and provides important minerals and vitamin supplementation (including magnesium) that your horse needs while on box rest.

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