Simple Systems Haycare 20kg

Product Code : RHSSHA01
  • £15.75

Simple Systems Haycare is a premium high fibre quick-soaking Timothy grass for horses and ponies unable to eat hay. These superior high fibre quick soacking nuts are very palatable and naturally low in sugar & starch. Suitable for all equine species, and those that are dust sensitive or dentally challenged. An excellent product for aiding hydration and for post surgery or dental work.


Hay Care is fed soaked as below:
1. Replace hay weight with same weight of dry HayCare.
2. Add 2.5 times its volume of water.
3. Allow all water to be absorbed and use within 12 hours.

This replaces hay # offer your usual complementary feeds as well.

As with any new feed, introduce gradually over a week where possible.

Weight: 20 kg

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