Simple System Lucie Nuts

Product Code : RHSYS00005
  • £14.18

Premium 10-12mm lucerne nuts, naturally high in calcium & protein to support muscles & bones. Economical, Ideal for older horses. Suitable For: All levels of work, Improving stamina, All equines


Major Minerals
Calcium 1.81 %, Phosphorus 0.27%, Sodium 0.09 %, Potassium 2.26%, Magnesium 0.23%, Chloride 0.37 %, Sulphur 0.25%
Minor Minerals
Copper 9.04 mg/kg, Manganese 24.2mg/kg,
Zinc 24 mg/kg, Iron 652mg/kg, Selenium 0.496 mg/kg

Dried lucerne

Weight: 20 kg
Pack Dimensions: Length: 0cm x Width: 0cm x Height: 0cm

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