Gatehouse HS1 Special Edition

Product Code : GATEH0000W
  • £159.00

Conforms to safety standards SNELL E2001, and BSEN1384.ÿSNELL E2001 is the highest manufacturerÿequestrian hat safetystandard in the world.

Iincludes a unique test that simulatesÿ a rider falling into afence rail, or having aÿsecondary hit by a horse's hoof. It features a top quality leather fourpoint harnessÿand Gatehouse Airflow lining. This hat also comes with a free padded storage bag.ÿSuitable for competition under FEI, PonyÿClub and HRA rules.ÿ

Weight: 1.1 kg
Pack Dimensions: Length: 300cm x Width: 280cm x Height: 200cm

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