Pure Working

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Pure Working provides slow-release energy to improve your horse#s stamina without causing excitability. It is an ideal feed for horses in regular work, competing or taking part in riding club activities. As it#s low in sugar and starch, it is also good for horses with laminitis or Cushings who need to gain weight. Like all our feeds it is nutritionally complete with the balancer included, making it great value.


Get extra stamina without the spooks. High amino acid content for topline muscle development. All-in-one feed with premium balancer included. Encourages weight gain in laminitics or horses with Cushing#s in a safe way. Palatable # plus quick and easy to feed. Supports excellent hind gut health and all-round wellbeing. Pure Feed starts working immediately but it takes four weeks of feeding to start to see the full benefits. Pure Working is ideally formulated for horses in regular work such as taking part in riding club activities and competing. It is also good for horses with laminitis or Cushing#s who need to gain weight in a safe way. It is low in sugar and starch but contains a higher energy and protein ration. In addition, you will find it a great feed if your horse is at rest or in light work but needs to put some weight on. The main energy sources include rapeseed oil and unmolassed sugar beet pulp, so you need have no concerns about fizziness. These provide slow-release energy which gives you controlled performance. As well as helping to avoid fizzy or excitable behaviour, Pure Working contains our high-quality balancer, which means that this one feed contains everything your horse nutritionally requires. This includes vitamins and minerals, plus amino acids which helps with topline and muscle development. If you want to provide a high-quality diet that completely meets your horse#s needs, Pure Working is excellent value. There is no need to make any extra purchases as it is all in one bag. This makes it convenient for you too, both when purchasing and at feeding time. Feeding rate 400-600g per 100kg body weight depending on condition and work done. We recommend that you dampen well with water before feeding. Supplied in a 15kg bag

Weight: 15 kg

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