Whitaker Brothers Jumpmix

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Whitaker Bros Jumpmix has been developed in partnership by none other than world-class show jumpers John and Michael Whitaker. It is specifically formulated for horses used for show-jumping or any type of short-format jumping sports. A mixture of slow and fast release energy is ideally suited to show-jumping or similar sports, whilst high quality protein ensures muscle response is fast and strong.


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Perfect for Showjumpers. Show hunter horses. Horses used for all other forms of short format jumping. Polo ponies. Where power, speed and quick recovery are essential.

Weight: 15 kg

Developed by Keyflow in partnership with champion show-jumpers John and Michael Whitaker. Meet your show-jumpers specific nutritional needs with Jumpmix. Pioneering nutrients provided through Beetroot-Natures secret nutritional weapon Perform jump after jump by rapidly replenishing muscle glycogen stores Recover quickly ready for the jump off through extensive fortification with antioxidants. Contains Protexin Pro-biotic for essential gut health and optimal feed utilisation

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