Mark Todd Stay Cool

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Mark Todd Stay Cool is scientifically formulated to provide a comprehensive nutritional package for horses and ponies at rest or in light to medium work. Using #pre-digestive# technologies includingÿwet steam extrusion and micronisation, we are able to offer a new generation of highly-digestible mixed feed in this new #cool# form. Your horse will simply feel amazing to ride


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Perfect for Horses and ponies in light work. Leisure and pleasure hacking. Pony club, games and riding club horses. Low level competition horses, spelling and maintenance. Where low starch, comprehensive nutrition is required.

Weight: 15 kg

Digestibility greatly enhanced through gentle cooking. Barefoot Friendly. Contains Beetroot # a natural, healthy source of fibre and anti-oxidants. Stabilised Rice Bran # provides calm calories. Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil # a superior. Omega 3 source. Protexin# pro-biotics # for gut health and feed utilisation. Add simple fibre & Key-3 Oil for a complete low sugar and starch base ration. Add Key-Plus by the mugful if extra conditioning is required

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