Mark Todd Perfect Balance

Product Code : RHKF00007
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Perfect Balance is a versatile, high spec comprehensive balancer that has been wet steam extruded to maximise nutrient absorption in the small intestine.ÿAn excellent choice for horses and ponies on forage based diets, box rest, good doers or to top-up the diet of those being fed less than recommended amounts of other Keyflow feeds. Perfect Balance is also suitable for youngstock and mares in foal, particularly if turned out on pasture.


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Perfect for Horses and ponies on high fibre diets. When low starch, low sugar nutrition is required. Horses on box rest or in light work. Overweight horses or ponies. Youngstock and mares in foal. Barefoot horses or ponies. When feeding less than recommended levels of other

Weight: 15 kg

Keyflow feeds. Key Points Comprehensive, high spec nutrition that delivers outstanding results. Perfect springtime nutrition. Max digestibility is achieved through the advanced feed technology wet steam extrusion. Extremely versatile, can be fed to a wide range of horses and ponies. Barefoot friendly. Feed with chaff/chop as a base or feed to complement the rest of the Keyflow range. Very economical with a low cost per day to feed

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