Keyflow Pink Mash

Product Code : RHKF00005
  • £16.26

Pink Mash# is the latest scientific innovation in soaked fibre feeding. With super-fibre, beetroot, micronised linseed, prebiotics andÿProtexin# probiotics, this super food nurtures and supports the hindgut health in all horses and ponies. Pink Mash# can also be used for a partial hay/forage replacement and to restore hydration


Perfect for All horses and ponies from those in rest to competition / racehorses. Horses prone to digestive upset and horses that struggle to maintain and build condition. Those with laminitis and barefoot.

Weight: 15 kg

Help digestive upset and support exceptional hind gut health. Extremely palatable. Virtually No Sugar, very low in Starch. Protexin probiotics to increase bene cial micro ora. Prebiotics to target and remove unwanted bacteria. Feed with any diet. No vitamins and minerals to cause imbalance. Soaks in 5-10 minutes. Can be used for partial hay/forage replacement and to restore hydration. Gastric Health Support. Laminitis Safe. Ulcer Friendly. Contains beetroot for antiooxidents and muscle function. Contains micronised linseed for omega 3 balance

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