Keyflow Key-Plus

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Key-Plus is a concentrated feed additive specifically designed for horses and ponies requiring increased condition, topline or an extra source of #cool#ÿcalories. When conditioning a horse, we recommend you feed a safe, highly-digestible form of energy that doesn#t affect temperament. Key-Plus is made from pure stabilised rice bran SRB which is high in oil and contains powerful antioxidants. SRB is known for its muscle building qualities. It also contains vitamin E, selenium and has a balanced calcium to phosphorous ratio. Key-Plus is a highly effective conditioner and cool on-demand calorie source that can be added to any daily feed by the cupful.


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Perfect for Hard keepers / poor doers. Hot types that require condition. Yearling prep. Horses prone to gastric ulcers. Horses with gluten / feeding intolerances. Performance horses for cool calories. Key Points

Weight: 15 kg

Allows you to top-up your horse or ponys condition, topline, or energy as required. Feeding stabilised rice bran builds quality muscle mass. Fully steam extruded and gluten free formulation minimises digestive disturbances. Highly digestible form of cool calories for energy that doesn't affect temperament. Feeding rates start from as little as 250g per day

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