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Hoof-Stuff is an antifungal and antibacterialÿhoof pack for plugging holes and cracks in equine hooves. Hoof-Stuff is advised for use in deeper, tighter holes in the hooves where it is deemed fabric would stay. With shallower holes Artimud is advised instead.


Containing only naturally occurring ingredients Hoof-Stuff is non-toxic, safe and easy to use. Its ability to stay in crevices due to its fibrous content allows it to act for longer than other packs and potions. Hoof-Stuff has been found useful for toe holes, white line cracks, central sulcus crevices, abscess cavities, grass cracks among other issues. It's active ingredients act not only to eliminate detrimental fungi and bacteriaÿbut also support naturalÿhealing and restoration of healthy tissue.
Honey makes fantastic base for this product increasing itsÿantibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic powers and aiding adhesion into the hole!

Weight: 0.25 kg
Pack Dimensions: Length: 0cm x Width: 0cm x Height: 0cm

Hoof-Stuff contains the following ingredients:
Unpasteurised Honey - For it's antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic action and also to give the product a good, sticky consistency.
Zinc Oxide - Again for it's antibacterial nature and ability to aid the hoof regenaration process.
Natural Fibres - To keep the other ingredient in place in cavities and to provide 'beneficial pressure' to the inside of them and promote natural regrowth of healthy tissue.
We do not add anything to bulk the product out or make it cheaper/ easier to produce. Every ingredient has a job - to work to solve the problem that it is there to deal with.

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