Dengie Everyday Chaff 12.5kg

Product Code : DEDC00
  • £6.60

Everyday Molassed Chaff is a high quality, dust extracted, soft straw feed with a molasses coating and tasty aniseed spice flavouring. By adding Dengie Everyday Molassed Chaff to your horse#s bucket feed it will increase chew time, helping your horse to digest and utilise their feed more efficiently.


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How To Get The Most Out Of Feeding With Dengie Everyday Molassed Chaff
Everyday Molassed Chaff is a straight feed. It should be fed alongside an additional source of vitamins and minerals at the recommended quantity in the form of a supplement, balancer or mixes and cubes to provide a balanced diet. Dengie Everyday Molassed Chaff can be fed dry or dampened.

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