Verdo Wood-Pellet Bedding

Product Code : HSLYX00001
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With Verdo Horse Bedding, you can keep horses comfortable while reducing the time you spend mucking out.


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Verdo Horse Bedding is a wood pellet product, manufactured in the UK, that#s really simple to use. Because it's so absorbent, any wet and soiled bedding remains compact and manageable, making mucking out much easier and reducing the amount of bedding you require. That means less hard work, less expense and more time for the jobs you enjoy. And because our wood pellets are made from 100% FSC-approved virgin softwood from well managed sources, Verdo Horse Bedding is also friendly to the environment. It#s an all-natural product that#s hygienically clean and contains less than 1% dust, with a pleasant pine scent that makes caring for horses a breath of fresh air.

Weight: 15 kg

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