AW Jenkinson Small Flake Shavings Approx 22kg

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A W Jenkinson Small Flake Shavings approx 22kg Made from a range of coniferous softwood this is an ideal bedding for equestrian use as well as for other animals and poultry. A variety of measures are taken to help remove foreign matter such as metal, glass, plastic and most importantly dust. This is an exceedingly efficient bale as it can out-turn 466 litres on average. Sourced from various sawmills these shavings are durable and long lasting. Produced from a variety of coniferous softwood, predominantly Spruce over 95% of particles fall within a 2-25mm size range. Wood fibre content of 99%+ Moisture content in the region of 10-25%. (Dry Weight Basis) The weight/volume ratio (bulk density) is normally in the range of 30-75Kg/m3 Outturn # 466 Litres per bale (Average) The pH range is between 5.5 & 6.5 All practical measures are taken to remove foreign matter such as metal, glass, plastic and any other extraneous materials White/light brown in colour with a typically dry woody odour Free from pathogens, pests and weed seeds


Weight: 22 kg
Pack Dimensions: Length: 0cm x Width: 0cm x Height: 0cm

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