Baileys No8 Meadow Sweet

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Meadow Sweet with Turmeric#s low starch and sugar contents make it ideal for those prone to laminitis or who need to control their starch intake for other reasons. Its calorie content means that overweight horses or good-doers would be better suited to Baileys Lo-Cal Balancer, however. It is suitable for Leisure horses needing a feed which is sympathetic to the digestive system as dietary starch, from cereals, can increase acidity levels in the stomach and digestive system. Meadow Sweet with Turmeric contains no whole cereal flakes and has a low starch content which, along with its high fibre content, means it is sympathetic to gastric and digestive health. Honey also provides natural sugars which have a prebiotic effect, while a dusting of mint tempts fussy feeders. Great for older horses and those who would benefit from the inclusion of TurmerAid Some older horses need a low starch diet, while still having moderate calorie requirements. The inclusion of TurmerAid is also particularly appropriate for supporting joint and general good health and, when fed at recommended levels, Meadow Sweet with Turmeric will deliver the appropriate daily levels of TurmerAid complete turmeric supplement. (For more information about TurmerAid, visit It can also be beneficial for excitable horses whose owners wish to feed a high fibre mix, as some low energy mixes still have a high cereal content, which can be a bit much for excitable types. Meadow Sweet with Turmeric#s digestible fibre sources and soya oil provide slow release calories to maintain condition while encouraging a calm temperament. Perfect for owners who don#t want to soak their horse#s feed as many low starch, high fibre feeds often contain beet pulp and require soaking before feeding. Meadow Sweet with Turmeric is ready to feed and requires no additional chaff or beet, although these may be added, if desired.


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