Agrobs Leichtgenuss

Product Code : RHA00008
  • £20.40

Leichtgenuss. Great Feed for Natives .An ideal feed for overweight horses and those with uncomplicated feeding needs as well as horses with low energy requirements.


LeichtGenuss is a very low calorie, low energy, low sugar and starch feed. This product allows you to give a proper feed ration in the bucket without worrying about the calories. Chaff made from wheat straw (not treated), green oat grass (not oats), a mix of sunflower, floribunda rose, cornflower and hibiscus petals provide necessary variety and deliver natural nutrients. Thanks to its tasty mix of fibres, LeichtGenuss will be a pleasure to eat. LeichtGenuss can of course be offered to all other horses as a tasty treat as an enhancement to the daily feeding ration.ΓΏ

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