Agrobs Alpengrun Mash

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Alpengrun Mash is a 100% pure and natural feed supplement for horses with gut issues and diarrohea.


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Mash calms, soothes and settles the gut quickly. The AlpenGrn Mash consists primarily of patented product called Prenatura#-Fibres,ÿ comination of leaves and seeds of air-dried grasses and herbs. Thanks to their high nutrient content, e.g. trace elements, vitamins and phytochemicals, Prenatura#-Fibers provide horses with highly-digestible fiber, enhancing intestine well-being and encouraging the growth of useful intestinal flora. Mash works on four fronts 1. Prebiotic. 2. High in anti-oxidants to boost immune system. 3. High in natural raw fibre to lower production of gastic acid. 4. Provides a high content of mucilage which has a protective effect on the gastric mucosa. Winner of the Innovation Product of the Year in 2013 at Equitana!

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